Kho Giáo Án Toán 6 Vnen Cả Năm, Tổng Hợp 89+ Hình Về Dạy Theo Mô Hình Vnen Toán 6


Chia sẻ hình hình ảnh chủ đề dạy theo mô hình vnen toán 6 mới nhất và đẹp nhất hiện tại, cùng xem cụ thể phía dưới bài bác viết.

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dạy theo quy mô vnen toán 6


Dưới đó là mẫu giáo án VNEN unit 6 Viet nam giới then & now: Getting started. Bài học kinh nghiệm nằm trong công tác tiếng Anh 9 tập 1. Bài xích mẫu tất cả : văn bạn dạng text, file PDF, file word thêm kèm. Thầy cô giáo rất có thể tải về nhằm tham khảo. Hi vọng, mẫu giáo án này mang đến sự hữu ích.



Lesson 1: Getting started


By the kết thúc of the lesson, students can:

– Listen và read the conversation of Duong, Phuc, Tom & Nhi about their school in the past for details

– Talk about the changes of their own school


Grammar : – Grammar: simple past
Lexical items : Vocabulary: words related lớn Viet phái nam in the past & at present

– Listening, Speaking, Reading,Writing and interactive skills


– Cooperation, respect, having right & friendly attitudes with friends, teachers in the new school

Quality và competence:

– Be confident và friendly with the new school environment

– Develope listening, speaking skills và cooperative interaction


1.Teacher’s preparation:

– Lesson plan, Pictures, posters ,textbook,CD-MP3(Computer-Multi projector/cassette/ “sách mềm”) and other materials

2.Students’ preparation:

– Textbook, notebook, school things.


– Pair work , individual work, group work, T-WC


1-Greeting`and checking students’ adtendence: Total: In: ……… Out: ………. .

2-Checking the old lesson

3-New lesson:

Teacher’s activitiesStudent’s activities


Complete the table

– How bởi we khung an adverd?

– Write the correct adverbs in the second column

Complete the table

– Normaly, we địa chỉ “ly” at the over of an adjective.


New words

– Teacher use different techniques to lớn teach vocabulary (situation, realia)

– Follow the seven steps of teaching vocabulary


New words

III.Listen and read

* phối the scene:

– Write the words ‘Past và Present’ on the board.

– Give another expression for the phrase.

– Look at the picture & the heading Our school in the past.

– Who can you see in the picture?

– Where bởi you think they are?

– Is there anything in the small pictures on the wall related to past & present?

– Ss give their answers as a class. T can write their ideas on the board. Play the recording và have Ss follow along. After that, Ss can compare their answers with the information in the dialogue.

III. Listen and read

‘Past và Present’ = Then and Now

– We can see Duong, Phuc, Tom & Nhi.

– I think they are at a photo exhibition.

– Yes, there is.

1a. Put a word/phrase from the box under each picture ( P60)

– Work in pairs to label the pictures with the words given.

– Allow pairs to cốt truyện their answers before asking them to lớn discuss as a class.

– Read the words aloud.

1a. Key:

1. Trench 2. Tiled roof

3. Facilities 4. Photo exhibition

5. Rubber sandals 6. Thatched house

1b. Find a word/phrase … ( P60)

– Work independently to find the words/phrases with the given meaning in the conversation.

– Then have Ss chia sẻ their answers with a partner before asking them khổng lồ discuss as a class.

1b. Key:

1. Anniversary 2. Fascinating

3. Missing 4. Conditions

5. Improved 6. Proper

1c. True or false (P60)

– Read the dialogue again to do this exercise.

– Then exchange your answers with a classmate.

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– Ask for Ss’ answers as well as the explanation for their choices.

– Write the correct answers on the board.

1c. Key:

1. F (It was founded in the 1960s) 2. T

3. F (They wore rubber sandals & straw hats

4. NG 5. T

1d. Answer the questions ( P60)

– Run through all the questions.

– do the exercise without reading the conversation again.

– Ss compare their answers with a classmate.

– check your answers by reading the dialogue again.

– gọi on some Ss khổng lồ give the answers.

1d. Key:

1. The conversation takes place on the school’s

60th anniversary.

2. Because it explains a lot about how the

school was in the past.

3. There were trenches outside the classrooms.

4. The roof was made of tiles & some tiles

were broken. The window frames were made of

wood và some of them were missing.

5. They can learn that they are lucky to have such great learning facilities nowadays.


1. Complete the sentences… (2 P61)

– Read the REMEMBER! box individually.

– Then go through the points as a class và see if any Ss can make sentences using these adjectives và adverbs.

– Work individually on the gap-fill exercise.

– kiểm tra the answers as a class.



1. Slight

2. Dramatically

3. Significantly

4. Considerable

5. Gradual

3. Talk about the changes lớn your school ( P61)

– Think about our own school’s history.

– First, have pairs write a couple of questions about the school in the past that they would lượt thích to ask T.

– Then, as a whole class T can answer questions from Ss about the school when she/he started teaching.